Glasgow’s Music Hotspot -Coursera IBM Capstone Project

A. Introduction

B. Data

Map of postcode districts using geo json data

C. Methodology

Initial data frame
Data frame with latitude and longitude data
Data frame with rental prices included. Notice the NaN values.
Complete data frame with added imputed price data

D. Data Analysis

Choropleth map of Glasgow rental prices
Total count of unique venue categories per neighbourhood
One hot encoding table
Top venue categories per neighbourhood

K-Means Clustering

Silhouette Scores. Notice the elbow at cluster 3 where it dips and begins to level out. This is a good indicator of the ideal cluster.
Final dataframe with clusters, prices and top venue categories

E. Results

Graph of Number of Venue Categories, Rental prices per Postcode District
Top locations based on high amenities and low rent prices

F. Discussion

G. Conclusion



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